Proudly caring for military families since 1981

In 1981, CHRISTUS Health (formerly Sisters of Charity Health Care System) began caring for military beneficiaries as a part of the Uniformed Services Treatment Facilities. In 1993, we, along with other US Family Health Plan programs around the country, became the first government-sponsored managed care plan – the Uniformed Services Family Health Plan (US Family Health Plan) – and enrolled our first members.

Providing the quality benefits you’ve earned

Since then, we have grown to serve the health care needs of almost 12,000 military beneficiaries in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. It is our privilege and honor to give our military members great care. For us, this means four things:

  1. Delivering caring, personal service that consistently exceeds both military and commercial health care standards
  2. Giving families excellent health benefits at a great value
  3. Providing care that’s close to home
  4. Making sure our members are satisfied

There when you need us

Our commitment to caring, personal service manifests itself in everything we do, giving us a member satisfaction rating that ranks in the 90th percentile nationally. * This commitment along with our dependable network of providers reflect the value we place on personalized care and our dedication to quality as your premier option within the Military Health System.

*Source: 2014 Myers Group Non-PPO Commercial Adult Survey

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About the US Family Health Plan Alliance

The six US Family Health Plans are among the health care choices for eligible beneficiaries under the Department of Defense’s TRICARE Prime program. Health care is provided to active duty family members, activated National Guard and Reserve family members, and retirees under the age of 65 and their family members, including certain “grandfathered” beneficiaries who are age 65 and older. Care is provided through large local civilian health care networks of primary care physicians, hospitals and affiliated specialists. Patients choose a primary care physician who provides and coordinates care and referrals to specialists and hospitals.

The US Family Health Plans offer an outstanding program of health care and wellness management built on a foundation of leading-edge health care techniques, wellness rather than disease management, an understanding of what it means to be a member of the military family, and unsurpassed commitment to our members. This commitment is displayed every day through our high-quality service and strong physician-patient relationships. The result: exceptional member satisfaction – the best in all of TRICARE.

“I started with the US Family Health Plan July 1, 2008, and I’ve been happy with it since. I’ve seen the same doctor since 2008. Everybody’s friendly, everybody’s helpful. I’ve not had one ounce of problems. I just love it.”

– Penny Collins, Fleet Reserve Association

The six US Family Health Plans and their service areas are:

  • Brighton Marine Health Center—serving Massachusetts including Cape Cod, as well as Rhode Island and parts of northern Connecticut;
  • CHRISTUS Health—serving southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana;
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine—Serving Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware, and parts of Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania;
  • Martin’s Point Health Care—Serving Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and parts of New York state;
  • Pacific Medical Center—Serving the Puget Sound area of Washington state;
  • St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers—Serving parts of New York (including New York City), all of New Jersey, southeast Pennsylvania and western Connecticut.

US Family Health Plan Alliance

The US Family Health Plan Alliance is the association that represents the collective interests of the plans in dealings with Congress, the Department of Defense, and private sector concerns. Each member of the Alliance is a nonprofit organization that provides care to TRICARE Prime beneficiaries and is, by law, a designated provider of the US Family Health Plan program.

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